Not one Elm City restaurant failed a health department inspection between Oct.3 and Oct. 6

That result improves on the New Haven Environmental Health Department’s Sept 12-16 round of inspections, which failed four restaurants and put another five on warning. Restaurants are scored out of 100 for a variety of sanitation and health criteria; those that score under 80 fail and are given two weeks to rectify issues identified by inspectors.

Kudeta, which scored 62 out of 100 during its earlier inspection — the lowest score of 25 local eateries in that sample — improved its score to 81. The department’s report, however, still pointed out a number of deficiencies at the Temple St. restaurant: incorrect labeling of containers, excessive bare-hand contact with prepared foods and dirty coolers and freezers.

Fourteen other restaurants passed the recent round of inspections, though five of them scraped through with a score of 80.