Bo Fo the Show. The Yale College Council announced in an email Wednesday that Bo Burnham, a 21-year-old YouTube sensation known for his riotous videos, will headline this year’s Fall Show, which will be held Oct. 22. Burnham, who got his start posting YouTube videos that together have received nearly 100 million views, typically includes satirical songs and a dash of poetry in his standup routine.

Before Bo, though, the winners of the Last Comic Standing competition, held tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Sterling-Sheffield-Strathcona Hall’s room 114, will deliver sets of their own. Both of last year’s winners, Yael Zinkow ’12 and Ben Boult ’14, will be competing with 11 other students to open for Burnham.

A panic descended on campus Wednesday as BlackBerry users realized their phones were not receiving emails and Internet access had been interrupted. Research in Motion, the company behind BlackBerry’s network, pledged to clear a “backlog of data” that is bogging down the network. Meanwhile, some students found the break refreshing. “I felt weirdly at peace,” BlackBerry user Julie Kim ’14 said. “And then I realized something had to be wrong.”

In the eye of the beholder. The renovation of Morse and Ezra Stiles won a Gold Medal from the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, among the highest national honors a construction project can receive. Stiles Master Stephen Pitti said in an email to Stilesians that the Morse-Stiles renovation had been named a finalist at the World Architecture Festival.

Yale is perfect. Yale has the happiest freshmen in all the kingdom, according to a new list from the Center for College Authority & Productivity, a group that assists Forbes as it produces its college rankings. The list is based on the number of freshmen who return for their sophomore year. Harvard came in eighth.

Huh? A slew of mysterious pink Post-It notes were tacked across campus this week, each carrying a different question. One asks: “how many people have kissed here?” Another, posted to a tree: “What if lights were on the ground instead of the ceiling?”

Typical. Saxophonists from the Yale Precision Marching Band interrupted Provost Peter Salovey’s guest lecture in Marvin Chun’s “Intro to Psychology” course with a rendition of Haddaway’s “What is Love?”


1992 A report released by the College Board showed that Yale had the highest tuition in the Ivy League, at $23,700.