Yale College Council announced in an email Wednesday evening that Bo Burnham will be headlining Fall Show 2011 on Sunday, Oct. 22. Opening for Burnham will be the winners from YCC’s Last Comic Standing.

Burnham became famous in 2006 for his Youtube videos such as “My Whole Family Thinks I’m Gay,” “i’m bo yo,” and “Rehab Center for Fictional Characters.” Since then, his videos have received over 60 million views, and in 2008 Burnham became the youngest comedian to ever record a Comedy Central Special, just four days after his 18th birthday.

More recently, Burnham won Comedy Central’s 2011 Stand-up Showdown, in which viewers vote for their favorite stand-up routines. In 2010, he came in second.

Students can expect mostly songs from Burnham, but he will occasionally venture into the realm of classic stand-up, and maybe dabble in poetry.

Some Haikus by Burnham:

“My aunt used to say,

Slow and steady wins the race.

She died in a fire.”

“For fifteen cents a

day you can feed an African.

They eat pennies.”

We aren’t doing his jokes justice? Fine, it’s all in the delivery. That’s why you have to pay at least $8 to see him live.

Tickets are available on Yale Station, but will be also sold in residential college dining halls this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets will be available at the door, but for a higher price.