A plague causing BlackBerries across the globe to fail spread to New Haven on Wednesday, forcing students to check emails on computers.

Many BlackBerry users have experienced problems using their phone’s e-mail and Internet functions, the Washington Post reported Wednesday. According to Research in Motion, the telecommunications company that runs the BlackBerry network, the network is clogged with a “backlog of data that [they] are working to clear.”

Several Yalies interviewed said that they had experienced delays in sending and receiving emails from their phones.

“I felt weirdly at peace,” BlackBerry user Julie Kim ’14 said. “And then I realized something had to be wrong.”

According to the Post, RIM is still unsure of when service will be entirely fixed and will work to analyze the causes of these problems even after the network is restored.

Nervous Blackberry users do have one way to stop frantically biting their nails, however – RIM will continually post updates on their Twitter until the problem is resolved.

Still, this may be what the Post calls the “tipping point” for some of the phone’s devotees, who have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure.

“Dear BlackBerry, I was actually going to upgrade you, but after the past 3 days I’m seriously considering buying an iPhone. Sincerely, me,” one user Tweeted.

Perhaps this will lead to increased sales for Apple, which just released iMessage, a competitor to the much-acclaimed BBM service.