As Yale College Council President from 2007 to 2008, Rebbeca Taber ‘08 was known for large-scale shifts in policy, including a focus on de-centralizing responsibility.

Now, she might be better known for a profile of her and her current boyfriend, Lt. Dan Berschinski, that ran in the Washington Post on Sunday under the headline, “Love for wounded soldier upon return from Afghanistan.” The article follows the Taber and Berschinski’s uncommon love story.

Taber met Berschinski in 2009, just two weeks before he left for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He was rather forward. She “kept putting him off.” But he did not let go that easily, and sent her a text message the day he left: “You’ve given me a new motivation for not getting blown up.”

The pair emailed constantly during Berschinski’s deployment, giving Taber an insider’s perpective on the war and Berschinski an outlet for his views on the situation on the ground. Then, in August 2009, he stepped on a make-shift bomb, lost both his legs and came home early.

The two reunited in September 2009. Their relationship blossomed over chicken soup and a shared knack for seeing the humor in the situation — Taber, for instance, told a Berschninski hesitant to kiss her for the first time since losing his legs that she “never dated a guy for his knees,” that she cared more about arms. They are still dating today.

“Dan lost his legs in Afghanistan, but he got me,” Taber said.

The story currently has 198 comments on the Post’s website.