Some Yalies want to Occupy Wall Street. Others just wish that protestors would take a shower.

A group of Yale students created a Facebook event titled “Occupy Occupy New Haven” Monday night in response to Occupy New Haven, the Elm City’s manifestation of the protest movement sweeping the country. The event description says that attendees will protest the “loafing and incoherence” of Occupy New Haven protestors while armed with “posters and Febreeze,” and has elicited a heated response from both supporters and critics.

Commenters described the event as “disgusting,” “incoherent” and “heartless,” with the majority condemning the counter-protest. The first comment, with a whopping 100 likes at press time, simply reads “No.”

Some commenters took the event a little less seriously — one Yalie suggested an “Occupy Occupy Occupy New Haven” protest, and another explained that the smell of the Occupy protests is in fact a “healthy stench.” Others were simply confused: one person asked if attendees would actually spray the protestors with Febreeze.

Michael Knowles ’12, chairman of the Yale College Republicans and the creator of the event, said that he recently learned that the Occupy protests were started by the Canadian magazine AdBusters and is comprised of primarily white affluent college students. He believes that the movement lacks defined aims or grievances.

“If they want jobs, loafing around New Haven Green indefinitely, as they propose, is certainly not the way to gain employment,” Knowles wrote in an email. “Class warfare and nebulous demands for free money, led in part by self-proclaimed communists, do not show us what American democracy looks like; they simply show us what a mob looks like.”

At the time of writing, 57 people were listed as attending while 55 said they would not be at the event.