Listening to The Willow and The Builder’s album, which came out Monday, was oddly soothing.

The album, produced by Richard Miron ’13 and Wesleyan student Adrian Simon, features eight tracks with calming vocals and a soft instrumental background. If I had to compare it to something, I’d say the band reminds me of the Decemberists or Death Cab for Cutie, but more folksy. It’s the type of music you might want to listen to on a muggy Sunday afternoon, just as you realize that you maybe should have started that paper on Saturday.

I recommend listening to the album from beginning to end. Each song flows into the next almost imperceptibly and the whole is really chill, which also means there are few parts that are highly memorable and you leave without being able to pinpoint songs or parts you particularly liked. It’s a half-hour long flow of mellow.

Check it out. You won’t want those 30 minutes back.