Mory’s Student Board is looking for new members.

In an email sent out by Mory’s this morning, the Student Board advertised for “five to seven motivated and innovative students” to join the Student Board, which was created last semester and currently has 15 members – 10 from Yale College and five from Yale’s graduate schools.

“In particular, we’re looking for people with really good ideas – that’s what is going to keep Mory’s relevant, interesting, and dynamic,” Murphy Temple ’12, president of the Student Board and a former photography editor for the News, said. They also hope to find a wide range of people with different backgrounds and class years, Temple said.

Prior to the renovation, students often only went to Mory’s as a part of a political or singing group, but after the renovation, the board was created in an effort to seem less stuffy and more open to students. The board will “[plan] student events, acts as a student voice to advice the Mory’s Council, and works to enhance the role of Mory’s and the Mory’s experience for students across all schools in the University.”

Last year, Mory’s opened as a study venue betwen 2 and 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. This was the product of an idea proposed by Murphy Temple ’12, who was on the Student Board last year.

Any Yale student is eligible to apply, and applications are due on Monday.