The course of true love never did run smooth, but at least once, it ran through Toad’s Place.

Allison Pataki ’07 and David Levy ’07 were dancing together at Toad’s Place one night when they kissed for the first time. On September 24, exactly seven years after that kiss, the two were wed at Our Lady of Loretto Church in Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. Their love was immortalized in the New York Times Weddings section this weekend.

Though Pataki told the Times she first thought Levy was “kind of a jerk,” two ended up sitting and studying together in Vincent Scully’s history of art and architecture class their sophomore year. Levy, a member of the Bulldogs lacrosse team, said he knew “from the get-go she was a catch.” Pataki, the daughter of then-New York governor George Pataki ’67, said she was impressed that Levy could distinguish between Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals.

The sparks began to fly in class, and were soon transferred to storied dance floor of Toad’s, where Pataki had asked Levy to dance. Two weeks later, sans Facebook, Levy asked Pataki to become his girlfriend. Their first date was at Hot Tomato’s, now known as Downtown at the Taft.

Although Pataki was an English major and Levy was pre-med, the two said they could talk about anything. After graduating, the couple moved to New York, where they said the subject of marriage did not come up for a couple of years. The couple was engaged last summer.

“We were aware that we were very young,” Pataki told the Times. “We’re not the type of couple to predict we’re getting married after a month.”

We at Cross Campus can only hope a burst pipe did not interrupt their fateful DFMO.