Fashion/identity/? publication LE MAGAZINE is set to release its second issue this weekend with a highly-anticipated party at 9:30 p.m. tonight in The Study at Yale’s gallery space.

The magazine was founded by Loren Olsen ’12 last year with a Sudler grant. Issue I gained notoriety on campus for it’s artsy photos and nude centerfold.

But Issue II, sponsored by The Study, is different, Olsen told WEEKEND.

“It’s about looking at everyday hyper-reality […], when people add artificial features to their body, like mascara or high heels, to communicate their identity to other people,” she said.

This second edition features pieces by nine writers, including three undergraduates and three professors. Even ornithology specialist Richard Prum is on-board, bringing what Olsen called “a really different and really interesting theory of aesthetics” to the magazine.

With limited circulation and a niche bent, the last edition of LE didn’t cause much of a stir. Will it establish itself more securely in the campus consciousness this time round?

Go decide for yourself! The opening event is open to all Yalies and features a cash bar, hors d’oeuvres from Heirloom and a look at what the trendiest among us will be wearing Friday night and reading over the weekend.