Seniors, get excited: the newly-appointed Senior Class Council will start planning things like Mory’s Nights, the trip to Mohegan Sun, the Last Chance Dance, and Class Day at its first meeting on Sunday.

Class Officers Kevin Adkisson ’12 and Ben Schenkel ’12, heads of the SCC, welcomed 16 applicants to the council last night via email. The SCC will plan social events for seniors throughout the year, ending with Senior Week and Class Day in May.

The following seniors make up the SCC:

Kevin Adkisson, Head

Ben Schenkel, Head

Erica Blonde

David Chan

Christine Chen

Stephanie Cuevas

Carly Defeis

Katherine Dyke

Sara Egozi

Serrena Iyer

Alexander Kayfetz-Gaum

Alexandra Kerr

Taylor Vaughn-Lasley

Brannack Mclain

Jennifer Mosby

Angie Ramirez

Ian Sprague

Emily Suran