• Yale-NUS College, which Yale is founding with the National University of Singapore, is starting from scratch in almost every respect — including its endowment.
  • Yale has been rated the “second worst” Ivy League university in a ranking of animal mistreatment in laboratories. The report, compiled by the medical ethics group Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, used statistics from routine inspections by the US Department of Agriculture to score the eight universities on their treatment of animal test subjects. Violations were divided into three categories — severe, nonsevere and repeat — upon which the universities were awarded points for misconduct. But Yale administrators dismissed the ranking and the organization who created it, labeling the report as “sensational” and “misleading.”
  • Though Yale library administrators and staff interviewed said preserving and expanding access to Yale’s holdings is a fundamental goal of any library, the University Library has no plan for how to tackle the gargantuan task of digitizing its complete collection.


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Breakfast: Maple Flavored Organic Oatmeal, Waffle Bar

Lunch: Cream Of Broccoli Soup, French Onion Soup With Crouton, Lemon Herbed Chicken Breast Sandwich, Sausage & Pepper Grinder, Vegetable Chili, Mushroom Quiche, Italian Deli Zep, Rice, Fresh Broccoli & Cauliflower, Tomato & Watermelon Salad, Insalata Di Grano, Egyptian Bean Salad

Dinner: Salmon Mango Salsa, Chard & Gruyere Tart, Pork With Cranberry & Cherry Compote, General Tso’s Tofu, Brown Rice, Sliced Yellow Squash, Tomato & Watermelon Salad, Insalata Di Grano, Egyptian Bean Salad, Apple Pie

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