• Most undergraduates care about Yale football just once a year, on the day of The Game. But a dedicated group of faculty and alumni can be found in the Yale Bowl on five Saturday afternoons every the fall. Many of these fans, who include Yale College Dean Mary Miller and History professor Donald Kagan, have been watching the Elis for decades.
  • While political science majors make up 12.9 percent of the classes of 2011 and 2012, 30 percent of student-athletes at Yale are enrolled in that major, and on some teams, that percentage is even higher. 42 percent of the football team is composed of political science majors. In men’s hockey, that number stands at 81 percent, 62.5 percent for the baseball team, and 86 percent for the men’s basketball team. Athletes interviewed said the popularity of the political science major among athletes comes primarily from its flexibility in course offerings and fewer credit requirements . But athletes at other Ivy League schools, which have programs in place to alleviate those issues, have an easier time with scheduling.
  • The committee will examine how the University tracks its faculty resources in a move aimed at overhauling the decades-old accounting method, Provost Peter Salovey wrote in a Wednesday email to department and program chairs. Though Salovey has tasked the committee with proposing a system of tallying faculty resources, he has explicitly instructed the committee avoid making recommendations about the specifics of what any new allocation of resources among departments would entail.


High of 72 degrees, low of 65 degrees, likely showers


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Breakfast: Maple Flavored Organic Oatmeal, Waffle Bar

Lunch: New England Clam Chowder, Berkeley Mac & Cheese, Buffalo Chicken Breast Sandwich, Broccoli With Spicy Sesame Rice Sticks, Fried Fresh Calamari, Roast Beef Sand with Caramelized Onions, Golden Harvest Rice Blend, Fresh Corn On The Cob, Barley, Corn & Tomato with Smoked Mozzarella, Chicken Caesar Salad

Dinner: Roman Orecchiette with Chard, Chili & Tofu, Beef Bourguignon, Fried Fresh Calamari, Chicken Shawarma, Egg Noodles, Rice With Scallions, Fresh Broccoli Florets, Barley, Corn & Tomato with Smoked Mozzarella, Chicken Caesar Salad, Red Velvet Cake

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Breakfast: Maple Flavored Organic Oatmeal, Waffle Bar, Scrambled Eggs, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Scrambled Egg Whites, Sweet Potato Home Fries

Lunch: New England Clam Chowder, Wheatberry Pilaf, Chili-spiced Mahi Mahi Fillet, Berkeley Mac & Cheese, Linguine, White Clam Sauce, Organic Tomato Sauce, Chefs Choice All-Natural Burger, Herb Marinated Chicken Breast, Garden Burger, Chinese Marinated Tofu, Pepperoni Pizza, Cheese Pizza, Pork Dumpling, Jasmine Rice, Cod Filet With Fresh Herbs, Curried Tofu, Roasted Broccoli & Cauliflower, Watermelon, Arugula & Ricotta Salad, Pasta Salad With Pesto Sauce