Better? Flyers from the mysterious group Students For An Even Better Yale were spotted in Commons and Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall Wednesday. The papers alleged that Yale has been “overrun with international students,” is headed for socialism because of finacial aid and the University’s efforts to improve sciences “panders to a small group of fringe academics who insist that the entire community embrace their own ideological obsession with reason.”

Songs, not jokes. The Pundits were on the scene for the festivities. Hoisting neon signs above their head, members shouted phrases condemning what they called freshmen “branding” as the Whiffenpoofs sang their final song. Some members had Halloween masks, some held branding irons in their hands. See more on page 3.

Free hugs. A mass of people wearing black gave out free hugs Wednesday evening at the corner of York and Elm Streets.

Shut down. The Twitter account @DeanMaryMiller — a parody of, yes, Yale College Dean Mary Miller — was suspended Wednesday for “impersonation.”

On the hill. Yale has the fourth most members of undergraduate alums in the 112th Congress, according to the National Journal. There are six Bulldog senators and two representatives.

End of an era. Are the days of emails from gone? An email Wednesday advertising Toad’s Wednesday night dance party was sent from the address .


1941 Seniors discover during registration that many courses will not be taught this year because over 100 faculty members have been commissioned to work in National Defense. Dean William DeVane told members of the college at registration that “this is no year for frivolity.”