The Yale College Council has built a new home online.

This Friday, the YCC will put the finishing touches on its new website, which had its initial launch at Sept. 8, in time for YCC elections. Council representatives said they hope the redesigned website will become a definitive guide to student-run events on campus to eventually replace the YaleStation portal. The site is also intended to streamline the council’s web presence, which includes weekly email updates to students, a YCC Facebook page and a Twitter account.

“It centralizes a number of resources that were previously very decentralized,” said YCC President Brandon Levin ’13.

Levin said that Yale Station, which is managed by the New-Haven based software firm Technoloutions, Inc., will eventually be phased out in favor of the council’s new homepage, though he is not sure when YCC will make the transition.

The new website provides a landing page for every major YCC initiative, including the new Yale Mental Health Fellows program, and budget information for previous school years. The final site will also include a fully functioning calendar, said YCC Secretary Matt Wiliams ’13.

The site also links to student-designed web applications, such as YCC Bluebook and the event locator Roammeo, through a unified toolbar that allows students to log in using their net IDs. Bluebook’s co-founder, Jared Shenson ’12, said the toolbar will help Bluebook strengthen its presence online. (Shenson is a former Design editor for the News.)

“Yale students are taking a more vested interest in helping drive technology forward,” said Bluebook’s other co-founder, Charlie Croom ’12. “It’s making Yale a richer tech experience. YCC aims to be the center of all those student-driven [initiatives].”

Croom is a former photography editor for the News.

YCC webmaster and Timothy Dwight College representative Dan Stein ’14 said the Council hired the New Haven-based firm Response Marketing to design the site. The firm has previously worked with groups at the Yale School of Medicine, and its website also lists Bank of America, Black & Decker and Logitech as past clients.

Stein said the council wanted to choose a local firm to allow YCC to easily meet with designers, and to support New Haven business.

Paul Lavoie, a partner and owner of Response Marketing, said one of the firm’s central goals was to ensure that the YCC could edit their own web content.

“The most important thing about a website is that it’s updated frequently,” Lavoie said.

Eleven of 13 students interviewed said they stay updated on YCC’s progress primarily through the group’s email updates instead of the council’s Facebook page or Twitter account. Some said these media are sufficient to stay abreast of the group’s activities, while others said they weren’t sure whether they would use the new, central campus events calendar.

Sam Hamer ’13, a coordinator for a student-run income tax support group whose events have been listed on Yale Station’s calendar, said he doesn’t think he or his friends will use the YCC’s new events calendar.

“I’m satisfied with the current flood of information I already get,” Sam Hamer ’13 said. “I’m not sure how many people would go to the site to find something to do. People always have something to do.”

YaleStation was founded by Alexander Clark ’04 in 2000 and became a subsidiary of the YCC in 2002.