Want to get away from crowded dining halls? Check your iPhone.

Yale Dining has released a free iPhone app called “Fast Track” that tells students the menus, locations, and current occupancies of Yale’s dining halls. Fast Track also allows students to add Eli Bucks to their dining accounts and reserve a 2Go Order, which consists of a sack lunch or late plate to take out. The idea for the app came from three Yale sophomores — Michael Discala, Jhamat Mahbubani and Robert Davies — and was developed by Yale Dining.

“Our original idea was just to record how full the dining halls were and show their menus,” Mahbubani said. “When we approached Yale Dining with our idea, they had some other ideas for a Yale Dining App, such as a map and the ability to add Eli Bucks, so we combined the two.”

While the app may help to alleviate recent overcrowding in dining halls, Pedro Tello, a Yale Dining coordinator who worked with the project, said that the app was simply made to be a convenient tool for students.

The sophomores originally came to Yale Dining in February, and SNP Technologies, who manages Yale’s dining website, began coding Fast Track in May. Four months later, the app was released on Yale Dining’s website and the iTunes store.

While there is currently no Blackberry or Android app, the dining hall occupancy can also be found on Yale Dining’s website, along with menus and locations.

According to Tello, the next release of the app will be available on the Blackberry and Android platforms, and other features to be added include nutritional information and real-time feedback on menu items.