1. “What should I do with my life?!“

It was worth a shot.

2. “iPhone how to get notes to stop emailing your Gmail”

We just switched from BlackBerry and can’t figure out how this thing works. Every time we edit one of our notes, it emails our Gmail accounts, and it’s REALLY annoying.

3. “Resume spelling”

We know how to spell résumé, but we needed to copy and paste the accents for this email we’re sending. We also Googled it for this article.

4.“Is eggplant a vegetable?”

Unfortunately, no. Like the tomato, it really, really should be; however, it does have this thing in it that helps protect your cell membranes from free radicals!

5. “World Beard and Moustache Championships”

With 17 categories including “natural,” “muskateer,” and “freestyle,” this year’s competition took place in May and featured a guy who styled his beard into a castle.

6. “Are London restaurants open on bank holidays?”

It really depends.

7. “Uxorious definition”

“adj. – Having or showing an excessive or submissive fondness for one’s wife.” We at the YDN Mag think no fondness is excessive. Am I right, ladies?

8.“Do men like cuddling more than women?”

In July, culture blog nerve.com reported the findings of a Kinsey Institute study that revealed that in straight, middle-aged, long-term couples, kissing and cuddling was often a strong predictor of happiness in men but not in women. We read this on Twitter, but we wanted to get the wording exactly right.

9.“Images: Bed bug bite”

It was a false alarm!

10. “What is Beyoncé’s new album called?”

It was on the tip of our tongues, really. Don’t tell us. We’re thinking. NO. We’re going to think of it! We know what it’s called! Don’t get out your iPhone!