Re: “Le suit alleges Yale at fault in death” (Sept. 7): We are writing in response to yesterday’s article on the recently announced civil suit filed against Yale by Annie Le’s estate (“Was Annie Le’s Murder Yale’s Fault?,” September 7). In response to our implied connection to the case in this and other news stories, we would like to make clear that none of the cosignatories of the Yale Title IX complaint have any role in this suit. Although the Title IX complaint was brought up in connection with the suit, we have never spoken with the Le family’s legal team, nor did we know of the civil suit before the story broke on Monday.

Certainly, Yale has long tolerated sexual harassment. The claim that the hostile environment at the University contributed to the circumstances of Ms. Le’s death is a troubling one; however, we were unaware of any possible connection when we filed. We wish the family all the best.

Presca Ahn

Alexandra Brodsky

Hannah Zeavin

Sept. 7

The writers and 14 other Yale students and alumni filed a Title IX complaint against Yale on March 15, 2011. Ahn is a 2010 graduate of Branford College. Brodsky is a senior in Davenport College. Zeavin is a senior in Berkeley College.