Yale’s single greatest accomplishment has now been honored with a new website.

Yes, the succulent and savory residential college dining hall chicken tender can now boast its own home online: http://isitchickentendersday.com. The website is simple enough. A blue “yes” stands on a white background with “Get your chicken tenders on” written in gray underneath. The website went live today, which is, in fact, chicken tender day in the dining halls, so it remains to be seen what the website will show on regular, boring days.

As many non-vegetarians recognize, “chicken tender day” is the best reason to come to Yale, meriting its own Facebook page, and even sometimes announcements on the News’ website.

Bay Gross ’13 built the online homage to the tender. He told the News that he created the site because “I almost missed chicken tender Thursday today.”

There are myriad ways to savor tenders day, and now one more way to learn about that magical occasion (the News’ daily buzz also lists dining hall offerings).