Galoshes are once again in order. After it rained for nearly the entire day Tuesday, another inch is due today.

Water seeped into the basement of Silliman’s entryways J and K Tuesday. Silliman Master Judith Krauss wrote in an email to the college that “[u]nfortunately, the condition is likely to continue throughout the rain storm, but we’ll try to stay ahead of it.”

But while there’s water in the streets, there will be no such substance in Stiles entryways E through J today between the hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. due to a leak. “Keep this in mind when planning your schedule in the morning: no showers, sinks, toilets in that section of the college during that time period,” Stiles Master Stephen Pitti told Stilesians after a leak. The dining hall remains in operation.

The end. Senior schedules are due a week from today. Freshmen schedules are due Monday. Sophomores and juniors have until Tuesday. All schedules are due at 5 p.m.

College envy? In a Tuesday email, Silliman Dean Hugh Flick told Sillimanders to “[h]and in your signed schedule to the TD dean’s office by the deadline for your class” and that a form is available “in the TD dean’s office.”

Director of Undergraduate Studies for Humanities Norma Thompson emailed students about the Franke Seminar “Art and Music in Venice” Tuesday. It is “way undersubscribed,” Thompson wrote, adding that the professors “fear they scared away students because of the tough requirements, and they are adjusting the syllabus now.”

Under the stars. Branford College is hosting its first outdoor movie night on Thursday. The series will run every week “for as long as the weather is nice.” Branfordians were asked to vote on which movie they would like to see. Options: “The Dark Knight,” “Jurassic Park,” “The Hangover,” “Mulan” and “Mean Girls.”

More better English. The English Department has added two new sections of English 114. One focuses on “Censorship & the Arts” and the other on “Media Today.”

New Haven roots. Gov. Dannel Malloy will name Stefan Pryor ’93 LAW ’98 as the state’s education commissioner today. While in New Haven, Pryor helped found one of the nation’s oldest charter schools and served as Ward 1 alderman.


1942 It is announced that Broadway star Dane Evans will be “imported” for the Dramat’s upcoming production of “The Spider.”