A two-time captain in high school, Georgiana Wagemann ’15 led her women’s soccer club team to five state titles. Now Wagemann has gotten off to a fast start as a freshman forward for Yale, scoring in the team’s first game, a 2–0 win over Marist. The News talked with the promising college rookie about her debut, the eight-player freshman class and the 2011 Women’s World Cup.

Q: First off, I want to congratulate you on scoring in your first career varsity competition. Cutting to the chase, what was going through your mind after scoring?

A: I was so excited. It was a great way to start off my first game. I was really nervous and the goal helped calm me down and reassured me. I was also really happy because one of the other freshman [Meredith Speck ’15] scored too, so I was really happy that freshmen were able to impact the game.

Q: After winning the Yale Soccer Classic, the team is off to a good start. As a team, what expectations do you have for this season?

A: The highest goal we are setting is to win the Ivy League, which we are really going for. We want to do the best we can and get as many shutouts as we can. We are hoping to make it a good season statistically and if that happens, everything will fall into place.

Q: What personal goals do you have for the 2011 season?

A: I just want to find my role on the team and fill it well. I want to do whatever the team needs me to do to be successful.

Q: What words would you use to describe the Class of 2015 women’s soccer players? As a group, what do you expect to accomplish in the upcoming years?

A: Motivated, athletic and possessing a wide range of skills. With so many of us, hopefully our class will be able to have a big impact on the program as a whole. We are going to set our goals as high as possible and hope to achieve them. In the future we hope to continue the success that we plan on building this year.

Q: Overall, what did the Yale soccer program have to offer that other school’s programs didn’t?

A: I was immediately sold by the coaches, who are amazing. Rudy [Meredith], Todd [Plourde] and Fritz [Rodriguez] are such nice guys and are great, dedicated coaches. The upperclassman have been very welcoming and the team is truly the definition of a family.

Q: I noticed that several of your former club teammates play at Yale, including a fellow member of the Class of 2015. Did that play a role in influencing you to come to Yale?

A: Muriel [Battaglia ’15] is a freshman and I’ve played with her for five years before coming here. It was cool having two other girls [Mary Kubiuk ’13 and Lauren Mathy ’13] from the club being at Yale.

Q: How would you describe the transition from being a star and team captain in high school to being a regular member of the team in college?

A: It’s like the transition that has to be made academically and socially. Going from being a big senior and knowing the ropes to being a freshman with a lot of questions is difficult for everyone. Eventually I will know the ropes and I’m just trying to get that down for now.

Q: Did watching the Women’s World Cup change the way you view soccer or affect your soccer-related ambitions?

A: Not really. I definitely respect the women for what they do. Playing for your country is an unbelievable experience that I really admire. I love soccer but I think the time is going to come when I’m ready to give it up. It will always be a part of me because it’s gotten me very far and I’ll never stop loving soccer.

Q: Who are your role models (soccer-related or not) and how have they affected the way you approach the game?

A: David Beckham. I’ve always admired his free kicks and his finesse with the ball. As a forward, I admire players with the amazing technical ability that he has. He is one of the best, if not the best, at that skill.