Could this be the return of the Pundits?

A lighthearted, joyful new student group calling itself “Doing Kindness Everywhere” — or D.K.E. — handed out flyers promoting their “not-fraternity” at today’s extracurricular bazaar. In the fliers, this “group of diverse Yale students” emphasized that it is not a fraternity, its understanding that “NO MEANS NO” and that women can legally drive in the state of Connecticut.

Read the full text below:

Doing Kindness Everywhere

Hey! We’re a group of diverse Yale students who enjoy bringing light and joy to the world around us 🙂


Would you like to not join a fraternity?

Then we are the not-fraternity for you.


-Did you know women can legally drive in the state of Connecticut?

-Did you know NO MEANS NO?

-Did you know that Delta Kappa Epsilson is not allowed to recruit at Yale for the next five years?

If you like what you see, do not attempt to come and hang out at 79 Lake Place. Do not come there whenever you like.