Don’t forget. The extracurricular bazaar is Sunday in Payne Whitney Gymnasium — it was rescheduled after Irene interrupted everyone’s plans. And if you are interested in joining us, come check out our booth.

Froyo World competition? A sign for “Flavors” was put up today over the door to what used to be Labyrinth Books on York Street. The sign advertises “frozen yogurt + fresh fruit + fun treats.”

No wi-fi? No problem. During his “Civil War & Reconstruction 1845-1877” lecture in the Yale University Art Gallery auditorium Thursday, history professor David Blight asked, “By the way, is it true there’s no wireless in here?” When students in the room nodded he said, “Yes!” — and pumped his fist.

Build me up. Architectural Digest named Yale one of the 10 college campuses with the best architecture.

Three out of four guest lecturers for “Gateway to Global Affairs,” a survey lecture course open to all students, are new this year. Their qualifications? The four lecturers include military leaders from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and an expert on the HIV/AIDS crisis worldwide.

Undeclared. In George Chauncey’s “U.S. Lesbian and Gay History” lecture Thursday, Chauncey told students not to worry if they are not gay and want to take the course. He said he’s found that 50 percent of the students who have taken the course have not been gay. “And that’s not counting those freshmen who are as of yet undeclared,” he added, to laughter.

Pied piper. A bagpipe player was stationed outside the Yale Center for British Art Thursday afternoon in an attempt to draw passersby into the gallery’s open house. Meanwhile, apple cider and miniature treats drew visitors to the University Art Gallery across the street.

CityScape, a tour of New Haven for all first-year Yalies that is run by the Office of New Haven and State Affairs, is incorporating Irene cleanup into its normally leisurely trajectory around the city. The “primary focus” of the tour will now be cleaning the city’s parks.


2004 Political science professor Steven Smith starts his freshman seminar “Democracy in America: Tocqueville, Lincoln and Adams.” It is the first year of the freshman seminar program.