• Max de La Bruyère and Nikita Lalwani report on Divinity School’s the Paracleats, members of a a co-ed league of Yale graduate and professional school sports teams. The Paracleats have been on top for as long as anyone on the team can remember, bringing three consecutive titles to the Divinity School, with which all of its members are affiliated. And though they say that they can be as intense and competitive on the field as any other students, they credit the unique camaraderie that the Divinity School fosters with their success.
  • This August, Yale College administratorslaunched the Center for International and Professional Experience, an umbrella organization that encompasses Undergraduate Career Services, the Office of Fellowship Programs, Study Abroad and the old Center for International Experience. Leaders of CIPE said they hope the newly integrated office will be easier for students to navigate than the previous layout and will help Yalies take a broader view of the opportunities at Yale and beyond.
  • In the latest controversy of the city’s most competitive mayoral race in a decade,a television ad recently released by Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s reelection campaign triggered allegations of corruption from his opponents Thursday. Superintendent of New Haven Public Schools Reginald Mayo asked staff members to appear in the ad, a 30-second spot in which several students, a teacher and a principal praise DeStefano’s school reform efforts. While it does not run afoul of state election law, his opponents accused the mayor of unethically using his power for political gain, a claim vigorously denied by the DeStefano campaign.



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