So now that we have the “all clear” alert from Yale we can venture outside (with “extra care,” of course). But where can we go to get some food that’s perishable? Well, there are plenty of places still open, including Box 63 on the corner of Park and Elm Streets.

We noticed a yellow post-it note (see photo) on the door of the closed Starbucks at Chapel and High Streets that read: “Sue. They are closed, let’s kick it up and get mimosas @ Box 63 on the corner of Park n’ Elm. Meet me there. Mary.”

We called to confirm that they were indeed open, and they are, so head over there and get some mimosas with Sue and Mary.

Or you can head to:

Gourmet Heaven


China King

Educated Burgher



Est Est Est

Pancho Cafe

Let us know if you know of any other places to grab grub.