Hurricane Irene has yet to make landfall in North Carolina, but New Haven is already taking steps to prepare the city for her wrath.

In a Friday afternoon press release, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. announced road closures and changes in city services, as well as the opening of two evacuation shelters.

The press release urged residents to stay off city streets after 12 a.m. Sunday, and stated that the following flood-prone streets would be closed after 6 p.m. Saturday:

• Union Avenue from Water Street to Church Street South

• Middletown Avenue north of Front Street to Dump Road

• Dean Street at Burr Street

• Concord Street at Burr Street

• Townsend Avenue at Burr Street

• Dodge Avenue at Burr Street

• Hemingway Place from Eastern Street to First Street

• Quinnipiac Avenue from Essex Street to Hemmingway Place

• Brewery Street

• Water Street at Olive Street

• On-ramp to Merritt Parkway at Pond Lily Avenue

The streets immediately surrounding Yale’s campus will remain open. In addition to the road closures, the city announced it has canceled Monday trash and recycling pickup. Refuse pickup will resume on Tuesday.

The hurricane is expected to hit New Haven Sunday morning, at a time of high tide, the press release noted. Gov. Dannel Malloy has already declared a state of emergency.