Aw guys, Irene is already starting to get in the way of our weekend plans. In an email to undergraduates this morning Associate Dean for Student Organizations John Meeske announced that the bazaar — think: “do you sing?” — originally scheduled for Sunday would be postponed a week. Read his full email below:

Dear students,

We have decided to postpone the Bazaar of Registered Undergraduate Organizations scheduled for Sunday, August 28. We are planning to hold it on the afternoon of Sunday, September 4, instead. Current projections indicate that Hurricane Irene will be at its greatest intensity in New Haven in the late morning and early afternoon on Sunday, August 28, and we believe it will be important to minimize outside travel during that time period. We know that the Bazaar is a very important event for all student organizations, and I will send details about the time and place of the rescheduled Bazaar as soon as they are settled. We regret that this postponement is necessary, but the safety of our students is paramount.

John Meeske

Associate Dean for Student Organizations

Update: 3:58 p.m.

We learned Payne Whitney will be closed Sunday in anticipation of the hurricane.