A new New Haven club wants to compete with Toad’s for the drinking age crowd.

The club NYX, located on 216 Crown Street, hosted its grand opening this weekend, just before students are set to return to New Haven.

“We’re a 21+ venue for a more upscale crowd looking for a great lounge in New Haven,” said Chaz Tanase, NYX’s Saturday night night promoter.

Tanase added that Thursday nights will be senior nights once the school year begins.

“We’re open to work with Yale and other universities,” owner Mike Andrews said. He added that Halloween parties, senior parties, and events with sororities and fraternities could be potential collaborations with Yale.

The location previously was home to Hula Hank’s, which Andrews described as “beach bar scene.” NYX has a new 100 foot bar, white marble, and statues of Aphrodite.