Preppies, have no fear: despite some rumors to the contrary, Yale will be included in the upcoming Brooks Brothers Collegiate Collection.

Several blogs picked up a Bloomberg story about an unannounced clothing line from Brooks Brothers that would feature fifteen colleges, including Harvard, Princeton, and Cornell. Yale was not featured in the article’s list of schools, but according to several sources, the University will be participating in the new collection, available August 15.

“Yale is in fact participating in [the collection] by way of a newly issued license with a manufacturer called Vesi, Inc., and it’s something we’re quite excited about,” said Stephanie Schwartz, Yale’s Director of Marketing and Trademark Licensing.

Vesi, Inc. is a sportswear company that makes some of the clothing sold by Brooks Brothers. According to Schwartz, the manufacturer approached Yale in the spring to secure a license, and after securing that license, Vesi facilitated a deal between Brooks Brothers and the University.

Since its announcement, the new clothing line has been the target of many blogging jokes.

“It’s a brilliant business decision – just slap some school logos on Brooks Brothers clothing and voila! The Ivy-educated elite will come running!” IvyGate quipped.

“Get a football team that’s not a f*ing embarrassment, Yale. Then you’ll get your polo shirts,” Gawker said in an article titled “Brooks Brothers Inadvertently Reveals America’s 15 Whitest Colleges.”

However, according a list on Brooks Brother’s new website for the clothing line, Yale has replaced Harvard on the list of fifteen participating schools.

Brooks Brothers would not confirm that Yale’s winning record in The Game had anything to do with the switch.

Bloomberg originally reported the story on June 24 in an article titled “Harvard Men Can Buy School Ties at Brooks Brothers Under New IMG Agreement.” The article has since been removed.