The Yale Divinity School has just released its own “It Gets Better” video.

The video, part of a worldwide movement to offer hope to LGBTQ youth, features several members of the Divinity School community who speak about their experiences growing up and reconciling their sexual desires with religion. One student, Brad, said he found acceptance for the first time at the Divinity School, after being forced to hide his sexuality and undergo “reparative therapy” to become straight.

“When I entered college, I thought I could play the ‘straight game’ for the four years that I was there,” he said. “I realized after two years in that being miserable at the expense of pretending to be straight wasn’t such a great idea.”

But he, like many others in the video, finally came out at the Divinity School and found a religious community that embraced his sexuality. Jared, another openly gay student, offered these words of advice to LGBTQ youth:

“Your true family, your true community and true church is the one that loves you as endlessly and completely as God does,” he said. “And you will find them. It’s going to get better. We’re here making sure it does get better, and I’m looking forward to having you a part of our world so that you can help make it better for those who come next.”

Rachel, a Master of Divinity student and future chaplain, cited the Book of Genesis, arguing that sexuality is an important part of the diversity God created and praised.

The It Gets Better Project began in September 2010, according to its website, and has grown to include over 10,000 user-created videos. The Yale Repertory Theatre and Yale School of Drama also made a video.

Watch the Divinity School video: