Rudy’s is open for business.

After ending its 76 year long stay on Elm Street last summer, the popular tavern opened its newly built establishment on the corner of Chapel and Howe Wednesday night. The bar and restaurant closed following disputes with its landlord, but Rudy’s manager Emily Robichaud told the News in April that the ownership had vowed to recreate some elements of the old venue in its new location. The restaurant was nearly filled to capacity Wednesday night as both old and new customers sampled food and beer.

Four costumers who attended the restaurant’s opening night agreed that it had a similar feel to the old space, but they added that it felt fancier than it used to.

“The new Rudy’s is a very different experience,” said Sofia Ortiz ’11 who was the first customer ever served at the Chapel location. “It drew in the same crowd, but the whole place is swankier.”

Luke Studebaker ’11 said he also thought the restaurant seemed fancier, adding that the beer had become more expensive too.

Robichaud had said in April that some elements of the old Rudy’s could be found in the new establishment, such as a 1929 photograph of a football game at the Yale Bowl, but she acknowledged that it would be different.

“You can’t really recreate what Rudy’s was. We know that, and we don’t want to try, because Rudy’s was awesome,” Robichaud said. “There will be a lot of things from the old Rudy’s … but it’s going to be different, because it has to be.”

In its newest incarnation, the restaurant’s menu now includes more Belgian cuisine. The bar features 19 draught lines, 10 of which are Belgian beers.