The New Haven Police Department announced on Tuesday that it is rehiring two of the cops it laid off in February.

Mayor John DeStefano Jr. laid off 16 cops Feb. 17 because of budgetary concerns, a move that prompted more than 200 officers to march on City Hall. But now officers Louis DeCrescenzo and Casey O’Brien will rejoin the police department pending physical exam results and approval by the Board of Commissioners, according to a New Haven Police Department press release on Tuesday.

According to NHPD spokesman Joe Avery, the department was able to rehire both officers because of $1 million in savings gained from reduced overtime costs since Jan. 1, which, if continued, could allow more rehiring. Since January, the department has averaged $64,149 in weekly overtime costs, down from a weekly average of $101,377 between July and January, according to the release.

“Our ability to continue to successfully manage down overtime will allow us to potentially recall more officers,” NHPD Chief Frank Limon said in the release.

In an April 14 interview, Limon said that all but one of the 16 officers laid off in February had found employment in nearby police departments, though City Hall spokesman Adam Joseph could not confirm Limon’s assertion.

Joseph said if current savings are sustained, then the department may see a $2 million yearly budgetary reduction.

“Because of solid management we were able to bring these officers back,” Joseph said. “Chief Limon and Assistant Chief [Patrick] Redding have been working on the overtime issue with great vigor.”

Michael Pepe, another laid-off officer, rejoined the New Haven Police Department in March.