As has been shown in the past, James Franco GRD ’16 certainly recognizes the value of a well-rounded education. But apparently five collegiate institutions are not enough to satisfy the multitasking aficionado’s desire to learn.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Franco has been accepted into the University of Houston’s doctoral program in literature and creative writing. The actor is one of only 20 students to be admitted into the program out of a group of about 400. Franco, who just this past week turned 33, is slated to begin classes in the fall of 2012.

Already a graduate with various degrees from UCLA, New York University, Brooklyn College, and Columbia University, Franco is currently a Ph.D student in English at Yale and is also apparently going to the Rhode Island School of Design.

The actor, nominated for an Academy Award this past year for his lead role in the film “127 Hours,” is at least giving himself a bit of a breather. Director of the University of Houston’s creative writing program J. Kastely told the Chronicle Franco was originally going to begin classes next fall but later decided to defer for a year.

Our question is: what does this mean for Franco’s travel schedule?