The Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC) is one step closer to returning to Yale’s Campus.

The Faculty Committee on ROTC, which Yale College Dean Mary Miller announced March 29, released its report Thursday recommending that Yale College amend the four resolutions approved by the faculty in 1969, which led to the discontinuation of ROTC at Yale. The new resolutions, on which the faculty will vote at the May 5 faculty meeting, would “untie the hands of the administration” to negotiate ROTC’s return to campus with military officials.

“If these resolutions are adopted following the discussion of the faculty, then it clears the way,” Miller said.

Administrators already held preliminary discussions with officials from the US Navy and Air Force earlier this semester, Miller added.

The four replacement resolutions call for Yale College to allow ROTC courses to count for credit, grant ROTC instructors faculty ranks based on their credentials, provide need-based financial aid to students who drop out of an ROTC program and provide funding for administrative services, necessary facilities and other program costs.

Miller said the Course of Study Committee would carefully examine each course to ensure it fit Yale’s standards.

“We need to really look carefully at the content of the courses,” she said. “There are courses that come by the Course of Study Committee [now] that are sent back for changes or ultimately not approved for credit.”

The University of New Haven Army ROTC and the US Air Force ROTC had tables at the Bulldog Days Extracurricular Bazaar and Academic Fair April 14.