17O1 Records released its first album of original student music Tuesday for free download online.

The album, which will be distributed in hard copy at Spring Fling, has 13 tracks that span musical genres from jazz to folk to hip-hop. Daniel Esannason ’11, producer for 17O1 Records, said the organization received 108 track submissions from student musicians.

“It was definitely tough selecting materials for the album given the quality of the tracks submitted,” Esannason said.

He added that the 17O1 selection committee stayed true to its goal to accumulate a variety of tracks representative of the campus’s diverse music tastes.

The opening track, “3:33PM” by Julian Kantor ’11 feat. Rico Bautista ’12, incorporates an introduction to the album that Esannason said 17O1 re-recorded with Kantor.

“I am part of a syndicate of dedicated, vindicated instrumentalists and lyricists, who want to graduate to ironically be physicists,” Bautista says on the track.

As of 10:50 p.m. Tuesday, under 11 hours after its release, the album had over 400 downloads.