Flyers criticizing Nate Zelinsky’s ’13 recent opinion piece for the News regarding the role of the Ward 1 alderman have been posted around campus.

The posters quote a portion of Zelinsky’s article in which he comes out against a local option sales tax because of the effect it will have on students’ financial aid.

Following the excerpt from the op-ed, the anonymous author (or authors) behind the poster write, “THEN LET’S WORK ON FINANCIAL AID REFORM, RATHER THAN SCAPEGOATING NEW HAVEN’S MINIMUM-WAGE WORKERS!”

“‘So the first thing is, it’s not clear what they’re arguing. They don’t even address any of my main points,” Zelinsky said in an interview with the News. “They have ignored the fact that I am a 20-year resident of New Haven, and I have a deep love for this city.”

Even though he disagrees with the content of the posters, Zelinsky said that he has asked friends not to take the posters down despite their offers.

“I think anyone has a right in a university setting to express their views,” Zelinsky said.

Current Ward 1 Alderman Michael Jones ’11 recently announced he would not run for office again, and the flyers around campus include a note at the bottom in reference to Zelinsky: “Our local right-wing Ward 1 Aldermanic candidate-to-be.”

In response to the allusion to his possible candidacy, Zelinsky said: “As of now, they’re a flattering draft movement. Otherwise I have no comment.”