Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry emailed Yale College students Monday asking them to “show civility and respect to every member of this community” when reacting to the recent Title IX complaint against the University.

Stanley McChrystal, retired-general and Yale professor, has been cleared by the Pentagon of accusations of “wrongdoing” after the controversial Rolling Stone profile of him, the Associated Press reported Monday.

How was that night different? Yalies celebrated the first night of Passover with seders Monday throughout the University. The holiday lasts through April 26.

That wasn’t the only religious activity on campus. As Easter approaches, Yale Students for Christ gave out free books on Beinecke Plaza on Monday. “Do you have questions about religion?” read a sign in front of their booth.

A golden age for Levins. Jonathan Levin, son of University President Richard Levin and an economics professor at Stanford University, has won the John Bates Clark Medal, awarded annually to the most promising American economist under the age of 40.

Running, running. Heather Smith ’11, Jonathan Smith LAW ’12 FES ’12, Jerome Weis GRD ’14 and Nicholas Marais LAW ’11 ran the Boston Marathon on Monday. “Great weather, steady tailwind, and a new marathon record was set!” Heather Smith told the News.

We are vulnerable. According to a campus-wide email from Chief Information Officer Philip Long Monday, all operating systems using a version of Java before 1.6, version 24 are susceptible to “a serious vulnerability is circulating on the Internet.”

Power lunch. Former Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte ’60 and former President of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo GRD ’81 were spotted lunching together at Union League Cafe on Monday.

Monday was tax day. Yale Station was filled with would-be tax filers.

Touring the web. A website including photos and short profiles of Yale tour guides has been launched. The site features “tour guide facts” including, “Yalies are the creators of TIME Magazine, Sports Illustrated, M&Ms, the telegraph, and the frisbee!”


1970 University Kingman Brewster Jr. appoints a committee “to recommend what course of action seems most appropriate for Yale” in light of the Black Panthers trial.