Around 1,200 admitted students have descended on campus for Bulldog Days, which started Wednesday and ends tomorrow. For this week’s edition of Sound-Off, we talked to potential members of the class of 2015 on Old Campus to find out their impressions of Yale so far and their answer to the ever-present question: are they coming?

“I love it. I am definitely set on coming here. I can’t wait. We were just at the activities and academic fair and it blew anything I’ve ever seen out of the water. It was awesome. Yesterday I saw the General McChrystal talk; that was really interesting. I’ve never seen something like that before. The welcome reception was incredible, with all sorts of different bands. I’m about to go to a master class called ‘Why is the World Getting Richer,’ with Douglas Rae.”

  • Patrick Casey, from Chicago, Ill.

“It’s been fantastic. I’m deciding between here and Harvard, but I’m leaning towards Yale right now. I have been pretty awed these last couple days. It’s a pretty vibrant campus, and I really like the residential college system. People seem really excited about what they’re doing.”

  • Andrew Deveau, from Chicago, Ill.

“I’d already committed before Bulldog Days, but this really reaffirmed why I’m coming. I applied early to Yale. It was between Yale, Harvard and Princeton; I thought although they’re all similar academically, the gut feeling when I came to Yale was different from the other places. After I got in I withdrew my applications from the other schools.”

  • Paul Fletcher-Hill, from Baltimore, Md.

“Yale is really nice. I really like that they have such a commitment to the arts, like the performing arts. It gives the whole educational experience a lot of things to supplement it, besides just academics. I’m deciding between Princeton and Yale. [When choosing] I’m thinking about the undergraduate focus and the availability to all kinds of opportunities: summer opportunities, job opportunities, research opportunities. I think at Yale you meet all kinds of interesting people, for example in Master’s Teas. I think that’s really important, to connect with world leaders.”

  • Rebecca Zhang, from Northern Virginia, near Washington, D.C.

“I really enjoyed the days so far. The hardest part has been just choosing where to go, since there are so many options. Yesterday I went to YSO and I was really impressed. I also went to some engineering forum. It’s between this and Stanford, but I’m pretty much set on here. The location is a big thing; I live five minutes away from Stanford and I want my college experience to be different from my hometown. And [I like] the school’s focus on undergraduates in general. I feel I’d be able to meet with professors a lot more often, and I like how inclusive Yalies are. There is a really great community.”

  • Jon-Jon Lam, from Woodside, Ca.