Bow wow wow. Bulldog Days begin today. Welcome to Yale, prefrosh! Be sure to tour campus, sit in on class and, of course, eat all the free food you can get your hands on.

While you’re here — and since you’re reading the News — consider coming to the News’ open house at our building at 202 York St. tonight at 9 p.m. Learn how we produce a daily newspaper and cover the biggest issues on campus.

Because of Bulldog Days, Silliman College is a “No Party Zone,” Dean Hugh Flick and Master Judith Krauss announced Tuesday.

Tap night went on throughout the day Tuesday. Students were spotted dancing to Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” in Thain Family Café, running around in Batman costumes and fighting with dildos on Cross Campus.

Despite his new role in the Obama administration, Yale professor and retired general Stanley McChrystal told the News in an email Tuesday that he intends to continue to teach at Yale for at least three more years.

Yale was ranked the tenth most stressful college in the Daily Beast’s 2011 list of the 50 most. Columbia University came in at number one.

Smoke out. The Community Alliance for Research & Engagement and the Yale School of Public Health are sponsoring a contest called “Quit & Win.” In exchange for quitting smoking, three New Haven residents over the age of 18 can win $500.

Hello, goodbye. Students in Davenport received an email from Senior Administrative Assistant Barbara Munck ’84 explaining that Friday was their last chance for Cap and Gown orders, but not all the students who received the email were seniors. Munck followed up with an email with the subject line “Cap and Gown order — just a bit too early for you.”

Obaid Syed ’14, Yale College Council Secretary candidate, was the “Concerned, Sad Yalie” behind an email Monday night about a stolen Macbook Air. Syed’s computer went missing Monday in Commons around 4:30 p.m. He wrote that he is willing to ask no questions of whoever took the computer and will even buy him or her a new computer to replace it.


1970 The chief attorney for the Chicago Seven says that the purpose of New Haven’s upcoming Black Panther trial is “to destroy, inhibit or emasculate a political movement” at a fundraising rally sponsored by the Panthers in Woolsey Hall.