As current Freshman College Council chair and former FCC vice-chair, Eric Eliasson ’14 has been involved in student government and life for the past year at Yale.

Eliasson, one of the four candidates running for Yale College Council treasurer, said he plans to take the experience he gained on FCC this year and apply it to executing his platform for treasurer. As treasurer, he said he wants to bridge the gap between the student body and the YCC, for which he believes his experience as FCC chair has prepared him.

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“This year, the 10K initiative was a great step towards involving students in improving daily life at Yale and involving them with the decisions of YCC,” Eliasson said. “I plan to create a new initiative with similar intentions, but directed at involving students in planning events with YCC.”

He also plans on increasing communication and funding to the YCC subsidiaries: FCC, SoCo and JCC.

“They are much more in touch with what each class wants, and we need to work with them to make sure that people are getting what they want,” Eliasson said.

His colleagues on FCC believe that Eliasson is up to the task of becoming treasurer.

The current secretary of FCC, Joey Yagoda ’14, said, “As a leader Eric strikes an unbelievable balance: he’s ambitious and directed in making sure that all of the goals of the group are being met, while at the same time making sure that all the members of the group have a say in how we operate. He’s unbelievably organized, a fantastic motivator, and just a really great guy.”

In addition to serving on FCC, Eliasson plays club squash and participates in various intramural sports for Berkeley College.