Though Davenport tallied the most points in the class of 2014’s Freshman Olympics on Saturday, a rules violation and subsequent disqualification for the Gnomes boosted Saybrook to victory.

The Freshman Class Council disqualified Davenport at the closing ceremonies for stealing and breaking the flag of rival residential college Pierson. FCC Chair Eric Eliasson ’14 said the captain’s handbook dictates that any team caught stealing a flag will be ejected from the games.

“I think that both teams were really happy since Davenport did have the most points and also stole their rival’s flag and Saybrook, due to this technicality, won Freshman Olympics,” Eliasson said in a Sunday e-mail to the News.

Despite the official ruling, Davenport still claimed victory Saturday evening. In an e-mail to all of Davenport, YCC representative Kat Lau ’13 congratulated the college’s freshmen for their performance.

“The official record may show that Davenport won first place but was then disqualified for breaking the Pierson College flag,” Lau wrote, “but I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that there is LITERALLY NO WAY TO WIN ANY MORE THAN OWNING EVERYBODY IN OLYMPICS AND HUMILIATING PIERSON AT THE SAME TIME.”

The full results of this year’s Freshman Olympics are below, from highest to lowest score.

  1. Davenport (DQ’d)

  2. Saybrook

  3. Branford

  4. Silliman

  5. Berkeley

  6. Jonathan Edwards

  7. Pierson, Stiles and Calhoun

  8. Morse

  9. Timothy Dwight

  10. Trumbull