Applications are in for officers of next year’s Yale College Council. Candidacy statements were due at 4 pm, and elections will be held next Thursday and Friday. The list of candidates, by position, is below:


Brandon Levin ’13

Rustin Fakheri ’12

James (Jimmy) Murphy ’13

Vice President:

Ivan Fan ’14

Omar Njie ’13

Kat Lau ’13


Cece Xie ’13

Archit Sheth-Shah ’13

Eric Eliasson ’14

Kwabena Boateng ’14


Matthew Williams ’13

Caroline Smith ’14

Obaid Syed ’14

Events Director:

Katie Donley ’13

James Campbell ’13

UOFC Chair:

Allen Granzberg ’13

Hassan Alkazemi ’13

Sophomore Class Council President:

Bryan Epps ’14

Madeline Duff ’14

Debby Abramov ’14

Josh Gonzalez ’14

Junior Class Council President:

Shivani Vohra ’13