Sometimes, prospective journalists can find real jobs after college.

Yesterday, former News editor in chief Chris Michel ’03 gave a Morse master’s tea about writing President Bush’s speeches and, post-Oval Office, working with Bush on his recent memoir “Decision Points.” A packed Morse Master’s House — including some of Michel’s new friends from Yale Law where he is now in his first year — listened to Michel’s stories.

He recounted travels on Air Force One (including trips to Pakistan and Iraq) and described the intricacies involved with getting a speech and a voice “right” (the famous lines seized by the media, which are not always predictable, need to emerge naturally from the whole speech says Michel). Now, Michel said it’s hard to listen to speeches as just another normal person valuing content over form.

“The passive sentences stick out,” he said. “You know there was a big argument, and a group of people were working late, and that was the consensus achieved at the end of the night.”