On Monday, future School of Management Dean Edward Snyder announced the creation of a new position at the school: senior associate dean for the Master’s of Business Administration program.

The position will be filled April 11 by Jeanette Gorgas, who served most recently as a senior vice president for Bank of America and was also a managing director of Deutsche Bank. Snyder said that Gorgas will be responsible for recruitment, admissions and academic advising in the MBA program, and will also work with him to strengthen connections between the School of Management and the rest of the University.

“As people have had the opportunity to meet her, the reaction has been just extremely positive,” Snyder said. “She’s an impressive combination of professionalism and ability to connect with people, and of course she has great experience. Although she does not have traditional academic experience, she has worked with high-talent organizations, and so I’m sure she will do a great job at Yale.”

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Nearly 90 percent of students at the School of Management are enrolled in the MBA program full-time. In addition to this program, the school also offers an executive MBA program for people who want to work while pursuing a degree, and a doctoral program in accounting and financial economics.

Snyder said that depending on the school’s provisional budget, he may add a new position for the oversight of the school’s executive MBA program as well.

Gorgas said she is “delighted” to be joining a school that couples rigorous academic training with an emphasis on benefiting society. The opportunity to work with Snyder, SOM faculty, staff, students and alumni at Yale was “too compelling” of an opportunity to pass up, she said.

“I want to leverage ties across the University and build partnerships there,” she said. “I have a breadth of experience in building effective partnerships, which is important both internally and externally, as partnering with faculty, alumni, corporations and other external representatives, can be mutually beneficial for the school as a whole.”

Snyder said that with only one person running the dean’s office at the SOM before the creation of the new position, the dean did not have time to fulfill all aspects of his job. With himself and Gorgas in the office, Snyder said he thinks the school will run better and gain momentum. He added that before, the dean was seen as the sole “champion” of the MBA program, but now there will be two people to share that role.

Snyder said he hopes people will eventually view Gorgas and himself as comparably important representatives of the school. They will be equally involved with student groups and external constituencies, he said, although only Snyder will have full oversight of the faculty.

Bryce Hall SOM ’12, incoming president of the school’s student government, said he eagerly anticipates the arrival of both Snyder and Gorgas, both of whom have already reached out to a number of student groups at Yale.

“We’re thrilled to have such an exceptional new dean starting next year, and that he is already adding exceptional talent to our incoming team of administrators,” he said. “In fact, we currently have a deputy dean, who is retiring, and Jeanette is essentially moving into that role. While she will surely put a different spin on it, we know she will be a supportive resource for students.”

Snyder will take the helm as dean next fall.

Correction: April 7, 2011

This article should have noted that while Deputy Dean Stanley Garstka is leaving his administrative position, he will remain a member of the school’s faculty.