I was looking over Ibiza’s menu online (what I do during my spare time; don’t worry about it) when a bright blue graphic caught my eye. “New Haven RESTAURANT WEEK,” it proclaimed.

It seems as though the biannual tradition has crept up again, with offerings available from 33 restaurants with a prix fixe of $16.38 for lunch and $29 for dinner. While it’s still probably more than you spend at, like, the dining hall, it’s still a nice chance to try a new restaurant without too much of a loss if it’s bad (I’m looking at you, Union League, and your “mushroom risotto,” a.k.a. Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup with rice mashed in).

I haven’t finished comparing menus yet, but I think I’m leaning toward Barcelona, maybe because it has one of the most attractive menus on the list. (A trendy bull silhouette at the top, clean typesetting, and a classy black border? Yes, please. In comparison, some other restaurants need to try a little harder… 116 Crown.)

Luckily, you and I still have a little more time to decide where to go! Restaurant Week runs from Sunday, April 3 to Friday, April 8.