Louis William Gallucci, an 85-year-old Connecticut resident who identifies as “a little old Christian,” walked down Elm Street at roughly 4 p.m. today, holding a sign that read, “DOCTOR JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANSWER.” He told the News that his goal was to end abortion and “restore rectitude to the school,” adding that he normally protests in front of abortion clinics.

“I want to get President Obama to stop killing the babies,” he said. “You know, Hitler killed six million Jews.”

He said he thought Yale professors are causing trouble because they are not spreading “God’s truth,” adding that he felt the Bible should be “brought back” to Yale. He also said he felt students should read the book “The Challenge of Islam to Christians” by David Pawson.

“If students get their hands on this book, things here will change,” he said.

Correction: 8:47 p.m.

An earlier version of this post mislabeled “The Challenge of Islam to Christians” as a novel.