Rock band Third Eye Blind and electronic duo Designer Drugs will join rapper Lupe Fiasco in the lineup of this year’s Spring Fling on April 26, booking agencies for both groups confirmed Monday.

The concert’s full lineup has yet to be announced by the Yale College Council. YCC Events Director Michael Chao ’11 said the lineup will come out in the next few weeks, but declined to comment further.

“I think it’s a good mix,” Ike Wilson ’11 said. “There’s rock, which goes back to the good old days. There’s hip hop, which is nice and relevant. And there’s dance music for the more techno-heads.”

Third Eye Blind, an alternative rock group that gained fame in the late ’90s with songs such as “Semi-Charmed Life,” previously appeared at Spring Fling in 2004. Lupe Fiasco, who is best known for his song “Superstar,” performed on campus in 2008 as part of that year’s Black Solidarity Conference.

Only three of 21 students interviewed had heard of Designer Drugs, whose first album “Hardcore/Softcore” came out this February, but the vast majority were familiar with Lupe and Third Eye Blind.

Many said that Third Eye Blind reminded them of their middle school years.

“I’m a senior, and I’ve been calling all four years for a kind of retro middle-school act,” Wilson said. “It’s a pre-teen, hip band that might be out of style now, but I think it’s the perfect act to have. I mean, everyone will be kind of intoxicated, but it’s an act that everyone in the crowd can sing along to.”

Hosna Sheikholeslami GRD ’15 said that, as a graduate student, she was “definitely a part of the Third Eye Blind generation.” She added that she was not sure if the band would appeal to undergraduates.

Five students interviewed were less excited to relive the ’90s.

“I listened to [Third Eye Blind] when I was like 12,” Gwen Harper ’14 said. “I guess it’s not really the style of music I listen to now.”

Designer Drugs is a New York-based electronic band composed of Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson, whose music is frequently described in reviews as “punishing electro-industrial punk.”

The three students interviewed who had heard of the group said they liked techno beats but knew little about Designer Drugs specifically.

“I’m always down to check out new music,” said Inar Zhang ’13, an electro enthusiast who had not heard of Designer Drugs until he learned they would play at Yale. “But I feel like if you’re going to go with one electro act, you might as well go with a safe one.”

Eighteen students interviewed had heard of Lupe, whose new album, “Lasers,” came out in March, and most were enthusiastic about his upcoming appearance.

Obaid Syed ’14 said he was especially pleased that the artist is “socially conscious” in his lyrics, recalling how a rap by the Ying Yang Twins at last year’s Spring Fling sparked protests for being crude and offensive.

While some students said they wished the YCC could bring more popular artists, they all said they planned to attend Spring Fling even if they did not recognize names in the final lineup.

“For me, Spring Fling is fun to hang out with friends and to be outside. As long as the music is good, [not knowing the performer] doesn’t bother me,” said Caroline Chang ’12. “I understand that we don’t have the budget like some big state schools to bring in Kanye West or Lady Gaga.”

Spring Fling will take place on April 26 on Old Campus. The YCC has also launched a website with a countdown timer to the event.