Why is Yale engaged in clear-cutting forests for short term profits? In Washington County, Maine, out of sight of lower New England, the Wagner Corporation engages in aggressive clear-cutting of forest lands on the behalf of Yale. I have been a longtime admirer of Yale having grown up in New Haven where my father was on the faculty for 40 years. Why then is Yale asserting its premier leadership position to engage in and therefore promote environmental degradation such as clear-cutting. The practice leads to soil erosion, the displacement and loss of wildlife, fish, and bird species, increased carbon in the atmosphere contributing to global warming, a loss of biodiversity, an increased risk of insect infestation and poor forest regeneration. Does Yale do this simply because it can get away with it? Would they be engaged in such practices closer to home where their actions would be visible to their donors? I would encourage the News to investigate this. Yale is a great institution. It is unworthy of such behavior and does injustice to the members of its community who will be associated with it.

James Plunkett, Ph.D.

Ann Arbor, MI

March 29

The writer is a psychologist.