Yale and the surrounding community have been rocked by odd, breaking news today. Unfortunately, bloggers for the News have been totally incapacitated.

The News was tipped-off today to an email today about a shocking landslide in East Rock Park. The email read:

Thankfully, nobody was hurt but a large portion of the parking area was severely damaged as was the front of the base of the hill that the monument stands on. The monument is wholly intact and appears to be stable, but has tilted by several degrees.

FERP will be scheduling a workday shortly to begin address some of the damage. In the meantime, please see photos and more information in this New Haven Independent article: http://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/archives/entry/eastrock_landslide/

We tried to respond, but Google’s new Gmail Motion resulted in a profanity-filled email sent to the Friends of East Rock.

The News was also alerted to a change at the Yale Law School. In an unprecedented re-branding, the nation’s top law school will now be referred to as YLS. According to Dorf on Law blog post breaking the news:

“Other prominent institutions have also moved to acronym-only identification,” [Law School Dean Robert’ Post said. “National Public Radio is NPR. The American Association of Retired Persons is AARP. And Kentucky Fried Chicken is just KFC. If it works for KFC, it will work for YLS.”

When asked whether he thought Kentucky Fried Chicken was an appropriate comparator for Yale Law School, Post corrected this interviewer. “You mean YLS,” he interrupted. “If we had any business law faculty, they could explain to you why this is a brilliant marketing move.”

The News was going to use Google to find out more about the YLS’s new name, but the thought of a Comic-Sans-only search engine scared us away. Not to mention, we also got distracted by HLS’ liger.

The Huffington Post was no help either. It set up a new paywall for New York Times employees only. Non-NYT interns are encouraged to help the News.

In conclusion, all of our blogs are down. We’re basically stranded. We suggest watching YouTube and Hulu to pass the time.

Editor’s note: if you are confused by this post, check the date.