It’s coming on April 18, but who knew how many students were thinking about it?

What is it? Tax Day.

Victor Stein, Executive Director of Student Financial Services, led Thursday’s Student Financial Services meeting called “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the IRS,” which covered the basics of filling out tax returns for the IRS. Stein said the informational meeting was a result of popular demand among students, many of whom need guidance on how to complete tax return forms for upcoming summer jobs, fellowships, and paid research posts.

“This is something your normal academic program probably won’t cover.” Stein said. “Many people don’t get this information in life until its too late.”

The class attracted a group of slightly over twenty students and lasted for an hour and a half. Stein said that as a result of student demand, the Student Financial Services group at Yale is working on an beginner’s financial literacy course for next year. The course would be lecture-based and would cover topics like budgeting, taxes, and investment.